An exclusive edition of 5,000 hardcover copies of MXCNAS will be printed given requisite demand for the book. The price for the book will be $35 USD. Intelatin will issue a living document to make the money exchange transparent. This project released on January 26, 2017. Contact Sergio C. Muñoz at Intelatin. Email: smunoz {at} intelatin {dot} com.

Digital Launch

To connect with the series or campaign, contact Sergio C. Muñoz at Intelatin. Email: smunoz {at} intelatin {dot} com


MXCNAS is a creative series financed and produced by Intelatin. The photography for this series was shot and styled by Cintia Soto. There are two long term objectives for the series: 1) The promotion of leading Mexican chefs. 2) The engagement of women interested in a campaign for optimal health, nourishment and neuroplasticity. To connect with the series or campaign, contact Sergio C. Muñoz at Intelatin. Email: smunoz {at} intelatin {dot} com


Special thanks to the Intelatin Wellness Advisory Board: Leah Michelle Burton, Tara Hannaford, Jesse Gómez, Ioana Nakahira, Andre Sickinger, Nicole Guillén, David Hada, Pilar Marrero, Michael Adams, Shawna Dawson, James Kinney, Denise Roa, Darren Eng, Jacqueline Keeler, Timothy Pakron, Rosa Jiménez Cano, Simon Karta Ballard, Salvador Enríquez, Jimmy Puccini, Nativo López, Dr. Arlene Dávila, Dr. José Moreno, Dr. Jody Agius Vallejo, Dr. Joe Graves, Dr. Karen Fields, Dr. Craig Wilder, Dr. Kim TallBear & Zuly del Angel.

Author's Note

"In 2011, Mexican filmmakers, José Álvarez, Sebastián Hofmann and Pedro González Rubio produced a film called Canícula set in the Totonaca culture of Veracruz. This film affected me deeply as a Mexican and I began to grow a desire to see more representations of my country shown in this type of light. Working towards a goal of economic equality and optimal health for the young women in our culture, I began a journey in August 2015 to showcase Baja California in that type of light. MXCNAS, as a creative series, as a book, as a potential film project, as a platform and as a movement, is the starting point of that journey. I have made a short two minute video to introduce the concept for MXCNAS." View {Vimeo}

Líder: Ana Laura Martínez

"Ellas, todas ellas, las mujeres de la cocina, son quienes seguirán siendo indispensables en la fórmula de la identidad cultural de las mexicanas y latinoamericanas que a través de sus sartenes y cucharones lucharan por todas nosotras, las que nos fuimos, las que estamos y las que llegaremos." {Leer ensayo entero}

Introducing: Pita

I want to promote the chefs in Baja California but I want to do it in an original format. So, I created a fictional character named Pita, a 30 year old woman living in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, México. Pita is balancing her personal and professional life in the moment when she is deciding whether or not she will have a child. As she makes her decisions, Pita seeks the wisdom of these twenty five chefs featured in this project. {Read Pita's Story}