Bianca Castro Cerio

My mother divorced when I was 2 years old. I was raised by my mom Teresa and my grandparents because my mom worked a lot. My grandmother was raised in Mexico but they were Italians. They were some of the first Italians that came to Baja California. I trained for several years in swimming and was heavy in athletics as a child. On the weekend, I spent my time with the family on our fifty four acre ranch. We had cows, vineyards and our own garden. On Sunday, we would have great family reunions and all the women made food for the family.

My ancestors were placed in a concentration camp between Italy and Austria and survived to immigrate to Mexico to live in Guadalajara. Eventually, they made their way to Baja. They created a store in Mexicali and then went to Tijuana and then to Tecate. The house had a little fallout shelter below the house were kept mass quantities of food because during the war, they were scared of starving. So, we always had a lot of food on the table. The family was quite famous for their food and wine but they wouldn't sell the wine because my great grandmother didn't like to see people get drunk. She said that drunk people do stupid things.

So my family were really conservative and united and strict. My uncle Silvio was one of the first accountants in Baja and so my mom became an accountant. She was said to be the most important student in the region with a perfect score and she became the first accountant to be graduated by a university in Baja. My mother was divorced with two girls at the age of 28 and she had a really important job in administration a the university so she didn't have that much time to raise two girls alone. And, one of the girls was really a pain (me). I became a little rebel just for the fun of making her mad.

My mother sent me to Mexico City study graphic design in Mexico City but instead of studying, I quit school and spent my tuition ... And my mother found out and almost killed me. She cut me off completely. At this time, I split with my boyfriend and started partying more but in a twist, my mother sent me to Milan, Italy.

I was unprepared to live alone in Italy and I developed an awful depression so, after a few months, I decided to go back to Mexico and I wanted to make amends with my mother. My mother was unwilling. I went to Monterrey to study business administration in Monterrey and petitioned for a scholarship. After proving to my mother that I was back on track, she started talking to me again. In total, I spent three years at school and got good grades and I asked my mother if I could come back to Baja.. Oh! She almost killed me because I hadn't finish school yet but my grandfather was really sick and the best place for me to be was with my grandparents. While we were fighting over my future, she made a joke about me selling cakes to support myself because she wasn't going to pay any longer. So, I started selling cakes! My Nonna is a baker so I asked her for help... She taught me everything she knew and we started working together. We've been working together ever since. My Nonna is my partner and my sous chef and we make everything together and my mom is really proud of us. I too am really happy and proud of my family!!