Denisse Zamudio

My parents are both doctors and we had a loving home. We lived with my grandparents on my mother's side and my mother did all the cooking. She took classes and I learned while watching her in the kitchen. We lived in a two story house with a reasonably sized kitchen but we outgrew it and redesigned it when I started cooking along with her. My mother learned how to cook an international cuisine and back in the day, it wasn't normal to have French and Italian influences in the traditional Mexican cuisine.

I was very creative. I have always been an artist and an artisan. I drew, painted and designed all sorts of beautiful works. I even did calligraphy. I did well in school and I was very considerate of my future. At seventeen, I went to Europe to study art and that was the most important trip of my life and then afterwards I went to study in Puebla. I wanted to get away from Tijuana but things didn't work out in Puebla and I came back to be closer to Tijuana and began studying at the Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas.

When I was deciding which branch of art I wanted to focus on, I remembered back to when I was walking around Paris and seeing all the gorgeous window displays of the colorful desserts and chocolates. I was captivated especially at the window display at Pie d' Hermes.

In 2006, I graduated from the Cordon Bleu and for a graduation present, I was rewarded with my baby boy, Mauricio. I was a single mom for a long time and then when I came back home, in 2012, I started a catering and event business called Patiseria. I'm not open to the public but my industrial kitchen is in Tijuana. We work hard on the weekends providing our clients with delicious desserts.

I have a great boyfriend, Mario, who provided me with my second child, Elena. We live in Tijuana. We split the responsibilities in the kitchen at home cooking for Mauricio and Elena.