Dulce Romo

I lived with my mother, my father, and my sister in a very comfortable home. My mother's mother was an immigrant from Armenia who immigrated to Tijuana. From my mom, we ate very healthy foods with large quantities of vegetables and greens. From my grandmother, the Armenian side, we enjoyed the traditional meats and pastries which she made all by scratch. I was never very picky when it came to food and usually ate whatever was given to me. Outside of food, I was a rebellious child and I liked to live life on my own terms and wasn't very receptive to the suggestions of others but I never caused harm or got into big trouble.

When I turned thirteen, we moved to San Diego, which wasn¡Çt all that different because we lived a cross border culture. Some of my family lived in San Diego, the order half in Tijuana. I started to get more interested in food during this time and when I graduated from high school, I was a happy, well-adjusted teenager. I studied at Southwestern College in Chula Vista for a semester but I was basically just wasting time, but in 2011, I married a wonderful man named Sergio. Immediately thereafter, I went to the Culinary Institute in San Diego to study intensively and learned a lot about French techniques and the fundamentals of becoming a pastry chef. In 2012, I was certified with my diploma and began my life as a pastry chef working in restaurants and managing my own catering company, Butter Bakery, out of my home in San Diego, which then I moved to Tijuana. Things rise and fall but I am content with the enterprise that I have built and managed and with hard work, I want to continue growing in the future. I remain that happy child but I've matured and focused my energies in growing my business. I am very ambitious and I am always looking to grow as a person.

I haven't yet had a child. I would welcome a child into my life but I still am focusing on my career. There are so many things that concern my professional life that I don¡Çt find it to be the right time to have a child yet. I'd like to have a brick and mortar location for my catering company before I can have a child but I know my husband will take care of our kids if we ever have one. I will continue growing as a business woman and as a chef. I do feel that I have to make the choice between my career as a business woman and my future kids.