Tania Ceballos

We lived in a big, pretty house. I was the third daughter. Mari, lived with us and she and my mother did all the cooking. We ate casero mexican food ... pozole, lengua, guisados, with a strong touch of Baja California. For example, we didn't make mole Oaxaque«Ðo or anything like that. The kitchen was made of wood and there was a granite bar. I liked to eat at the bar so I could talk to Mari or my mom while they were preparing my food. I was a happy and obedient child.

When I was in high school, I met my boyfriend named Quirino. It was a great time until my father was held kidnapped. It was very heavy. I had to leave school and the family had to unite together in San Diego. He was a pharmacist and he owned a few apartment buildings. My mother also worked at the pharmacy. Fortunately, he was returned to us but I spent a tough time with insomnia and the world fell apart for us. My father's ordeal started with a routine traffic stop by a local policeman so I questioned the corrupt nature of my city and my country but in reality, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. As time passes, the fear subsides and personally, I hope to live my entire life in Tijuana.

When I graduated from high school, I already knew that I wanted to work in a kitchen. I started cooking really young and I dedicated myself to learning more and watching cooking shows on TV like Cakeboss. I was never attracted to any other profession. I enrolled at the San Diego Culinary School and I chose to learn about savory cuisine in addition to the sweet side. Pretty soon, after I kept on growing, I started a side business making cakes to order. Now, I have an industrial kitchen in Tijuana called Brulee for gourmet cakemaking. I handle everything from accounting to washing dishes and occasionally Quirino comes by to help.

I live with my parents still in the same home where I was raised. I would like to have a family while I am still young. Ideally, I would like to have four children. For a long time, that decision seemed really difficult but we are doing everything we can to start having children in the next ten years. I want my career to be very grounded but I am stubborn and I know that I will make it happen. I'd like to have two brick and mortar locations for a coffee and cake shop in Tijuana and another in San Diego. I won't be abandoning my career once I have children. It's going to be busy for me in the next decade with my plans, my wedding and all the rest ... but I am ready.